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Masala Chai Concentrate

Handmade in Melbourne

Chai Addict is a premium liquid chai tea concentrate, made by artisan spice-masters in Melbourne from only the best and freshest ingredients. Unsweetened, vegan friendly and sustainably brewed, we’ve devised a process that locks in the unique taste, consistency and punch you love about chai, in an irresistibly smooth and addictive balance of flavours.

Drink the ultimate comfort from a mug! Simply pour a nip, add some milk, sweeten up and take a sip to enjoy an alchemy of fragrant spices to warm your soul.

Get your chai

We took to the mortar and pestle, and put in the elbow grease to blend organic spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and organic, loose-leaf black tea. Now you can enjoy the authentic taste of premium chai, in a faster and more convenient way than traditional chai blends – ensuring you get the perfect cup, every time.

We also care about the environment and make our premium product sustainably. Hand-made in exclusive, small batch brews, the ingredients from every batch are composted at local community gardens, which is used to feed vegetable plots. It’s a sustainable closed-loop system you can feel good about.

Choose from two, distinctly unique flavour profiles.

Chai Addict – our original blend – a smooth and perfectly balanced masala blend of sweet cinnamon, earthy cloves, warming ginger and subtle black peppercorn heat makes this the ultimate cup of comfort

Chai Harder – our spicy blend – a chai addict masala blend magnified with an alchemy of additional spices including cayenne pepper that emits a prickly chilli heat to awaken the senses

  • chai addict
    • 30.00

      Serves: 16

    • 25.00

      Serves: 10

    Chai Addict Bottles
  • chai harder
    • 30.00

      Serves: 16

    • 25.00

      Serves: 10

    Chai Harder Bottles

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Our Story

A self-confessed foodie, blogger and all round healthy living fan, founder and Grand Chai Poobah, Chloe (a recovered caffeine addict) discovered the benefits of replacing her coffee with chai, after a few too many sleepless nights in 2015.

Her busy schedule, together with the health benefits of less caffeine in her diet led her to think ‘how can I simplify this process and enjoy chai anytime, anywhere?’ After careful experimentation and a lot of time in the Chai laboratory (kitchen) Chai Addict was born.

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Make the most addictive chai latte

It’s simple, it’s easy, quick to make and tastes incredible!

Simmer 30ml of chai concentrate to 220ml of milk and a teaspoon of honey or choice of sugar to a small pot over medium heat, for 3- 4 minutes. Remove before it reaches boiling point and serve in a cup. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

You can find more details on our recipe page.


  1. | buying loose leaf tea or concentrates mean there’s no potential for chemical leaching |

    the team have done the hard work for us (thanks team!) read on to see what those silky/paper tea bags do to your health.

    repost 🌱☕️Stocking up on Tea? Make sure you buy loose leaf if you can as many Tea Bags are toxic. Many tea bags bring with them a new household PET.

    Many of these silky tea bags are actually made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polylactic acid (PLA). Depending on the brand, they may also be sealed with a thin film of polypropylene or acrylic copolymer emulsion to glue the sides of the bag together.

    All these plastics are 'food grade' plastics and are considered safe because they have a high melt point, which reduces the potential for chemical leaching. The problem is that is where the arguments start and the science is inconclusive at best and damning at worst. The PET plastic for instance is the same as that used to make plastic water bottles which have been shown to release hormone mimicking pollutants and more recently, micro plastics.

    Paper tea bags are not innocent either. Some paper tea bags are with epichlorohydrin, a compound that is also used as a pesticide. And when this chemical comes into contact with water it is altered to create a new form called 3-MCPD, which has been linked to infertility, decreased immune system and cancer in animals.

    Link in bio and here to

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  2. | meet your own individual dietary requirements |

    chai addict and partner in crime, chai harder, is sugar free and dairy free so you have the freedom to choose the type of sweetener and milk to add. this way, you have the flexibility to create a chai latte or tea that meets your dietary requirements. it is also lower in caffeine for those who seek to limit coffee intake.

    find out more

  3. | how much sugar should I use? |

    the sweeter you make the chai, the more flavoursome it gets. we know, it’s quite unfortunate but that’s why we left it out of the ingredients list so you can choose how much to add. whatever you do, don’t add more chai to cut through the milk. the flavour is there, you just need to make it sweeter with honey, coconut sugar or other.

    choose one of the 3 flavour profiles and see our recommendations:

    sweet tooth: if you naturally have a sweet tooth, add 3 – 4 teaspoons of sweetener. this will give you a similar flavour to a powdered or syrup chai.

    cutting down: need to limit the sugar intake? great, add 1 – 2 teaspoons. this will give you a similar flavour to a sticky chai.

    hard core: an advocate for Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar? Wicked! add half a teaspoon or none at all. that’s the beauty about Chai Addict, it’s really up to YOU.