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Hey guys!

I’m Chloe

Your resident Chai Addict.

Like most locals, I enjoyed Melbourne’s ingrained coffee culture – where else can you have a truly amazing cup made by incredible baristas in every corner?

Admittedly I was never truly a coffee drinker – don’t judge me! I loved the smell, the flavour and the social aspects of coffee but I was happy to forego the caffeine jitters, heart palpitations, wide eyes and sleepless nights. So I kicked that over caffeinated habit and started replacing it with delicious warming cups of chai.

an enticing cup of dirty chai latte sits on a wooden board with a small saucer of honey and teaspoon


It was whilst I was living and working as a food writer in Hong Kong, that I had a formative chai experience at a tiny tea shop called Teakha. It was love at first chai. When I returned home to Australia, I became frustrated trying to order chai on my corporate-length breaks.

Properly steeping and steaming from loose-leaf chai spices alone can take more than 5 minutes to brew. If it’s any quicker, it’s usually the sugary syrup or powdered kind sending any unsuspecting drinker on a sugar high!

dirty chai coffee chai concentrate bottle shadows a dirty chai affogato dessert

Simplifying Your

Chai Ritual

Making it at home wasn’t any better – who’s got time to clean up the mess? And don’t even get me started if it accidentally boils over the pot.

According to a 2020 General Social Survey by Australian Bureau of Statistics, it reported that 8 million Aussies often feel rushed for time! WOW. So during product development, I needed to make the chai brewing process simpler.


Create authentic chai that was:

✦ consistent in flavour
✦ convenient
✦ efficient
✦ healthy, and
✦ sustainable

Six months of research & development and 11 recipe iterations in the kitchen later, I was proud to present Chai Addict, an all-natural, readymade masala chai concentrate, to the world.


Burnt by the overly sweetened chai I’ve been made accustomed to, I pivoted from the norm by making Chai Addict unsweetened and vegan-friendly, giving you the power of CHOICE to add your favourite milk and sweetener.

Now, you can meet your dietary requirements and easily make café-style chai from the very comfort of your own home.

sugar cubes inside a circle graphic with a strike over the cubes to mean no sugar


leaf graphic to indicate plant based


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Gluten Free

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100% Natural

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Dairy Free

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Award Winning