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Cups of chai latte brewed served at a cafe accompanying delicious treats, honey and chai latte concentrates

Behind The Brand

No Additives

Just Pure, Healthy Chai Bliss

We are a society of conscious consumers, time poor individuals and discerning foodies looking for healthier, more convenient beverages that have been produced ethically and sustainably. We want transparency from production to plate. We’re avid readers of ingredients list, no longer interested in additives or preservatives that are not serving our wellbeing. We couldn’t agree more and at Chai Addict, we believe we’ve met all your needs.

person stirring dirty iced chai in the morning sun


Chai Addict is unsweetened and dairy-free so you have the freedom to choose the type of milk and sweetener to add. Its versatility allows you to create a chai latte or tea that meets your dietary requirements. It is also lower in caffeine for those who seek to limit their coffee intake.

We use all natural ingredients – spices, tea, water and nothing else – choose organic, when possible.

We chose glass for our packaging that is safer for food and beverage storage. It can be safely used for hot liquids without the potential of leaching any harmful chemicals when in contact with food. Glass can be re-used as it does not pose harmful risks to environmental or personal health.

a selection of three chai addict chai concentrates bottles held in between a person's hand


The processes to make our products have remained the same since launching the product. It is handmade in small batches, hand-poured and hand-labelled.

We’ve done the hard work of steeping and brewing, leaving a concentrate with consistent flavours, every time.

person pouring chai harder spicy chai concentrate to a glass tumbler filled with apple juice to create a delicious recipe for refreshing chai soda


Making chai is no longer cumbersome. Its liquid form makes it more convenient to make at home or at the office. Blend it in your smoothie, bake or pickle with it! The convenience factors are endless.

Two mugs of steaming chai latte served with a side of croissants, the epitome of chai perfection promising a sensory journey of aromatic bliss


No more split milk or soggy spices and tea leaves, ultimately reducing brewing and cleaning times.

an empty bottle of chai harder has been reused and recycled for plant propagation


We are committed to sourcing ethical ingredients, environmentally sound materials, supporting local suppliers and maintaining a business that contributes to a sustainable future.

Our design aesthetic and materials are a reflection of these practices, opting for dark amber bottles, and a label that takes its cues from torn, recycled paper, and sediment of raw spices. A clear cut-out on our label reflects the transparency we observe when producing our product and our sustainability practices.

These include

✦ Our ingredients are ethically sourced. In a world where we can access almost anything – quality, consistency and safety standards are increasingly important. But it’s also about treading lightly, caring for nature and partnering with growers and supporting them to ensure sustainability, innovation and fair-trade practices. Chai Addict has carefully chosen suppliers ensuring they meet and believe in these standards and that consumers have the confidence they are making the right choices for the planet.

✦ Spices used to make the chai are composted at our local community garden, which is used to feed vegetable plots – a sustainable closed-loop system.

✦ Our digital printer uses vegetable inks, run on clean solar energy from installed solar panels and have low carbon footprint.

✦ Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. is our mantra. We package and ship our products using recycled boxes, shredded cardboard and newspapers.

✦ We partner with carbon neutral couriers.

sugar cubes inside a circle graphic with a strike over the cubes to mean no sugar


leaf graphic to indicate plant based


circle graphic with a strike across the wheat image inside

Gluten Free

100% natural graphic with 2 leaves

100% Natural

milk carton inside a circle graphic with a strike over to mean dairy free

Dairy Free

award badge graphic with star

Award Winning

two 300ml brown bottles of chai concentrates by chai addict on a wooden table


We collaborate with local producers who inspire us, are masters of their craft, and uphold similar beliefs and practices.

We celebrate small businesses through our monthly Support Small Business Series.

Loved by Chai Addicts Australia-wide


Love how convenient it is to have a great tasting chai latte at anytime. This shipped so quickly too. Definitely will be buying morel

trio pack bottles of 500ml chai concentrates by chai addict, chai addict, chai harder and dirty chai flavours

Liz - Trio Pack


I love using the concentrate in my cold soy milk drink' Perfect for summer mornings! Such a lovely blend of spices.

bottle of chai harder spicy chai concentrate by chai addict, 500ml

Jan - Chai Harder


Absolutely delicious and the best thing is that it has no added sugar, which is a huge plus when trying to be more conscious of my daily calorie intake.

twin pack bottles of 500ml chai concentrates by chai addict, chai harder and chai addict flavours

Su - Twin Pack 500


Love the flavour but the aroma seems to be a bit light. It mixed so well with Soymilk. Been drinking it very often for a month now such a great and convenient product.

bottle of best selling chai concentrate by chai addict, 500ml chai addict masala chai concentrate

Amy - Chai Harder