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Article: Our tips to make the most addictive chai latte at home

Our tips to make the most addictive chai latte at home
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Our tips to make the most addictive chai latte at home

No doubt you're all pros at brewing chai but we thought we'd give a little refresher for newcomers and veterans alike on how to make the most addictive chai latte at home. If you are a long standing supporter of our concentrates, there may still be some useful tips here for you.


For 3-4 minutes, simmer 30ml of chai concentrate to 220ml milk of your choice in a small pot over medium heat.

To truly appreciate the flavour, we recommend adding at least 2 teaspoons of honey or sugar of choice to enhance the flavour of the chai spices.

Remove before it reaches boiling point and serve in your favourite cup. Sprinkle with cinnamon.


Our chai concentrates have also been made for the busy lifestyle so if you’re in a hurry or on-the-go, mix the ingredients together in a cup and easily zap ⚡️ it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.


If you're lucky enough to own a coffee machine with a frothing wand, mix all the ingredients in the milk jug and steam until the bottom of the jug feels almost hot to touch.

Apply the same process for a stand alone milk frother.


Make sure to measure out the ingredients - 30ml of chai is 2 large tablespoons or a shot glass worth. Measure out the milk to 220ml (just under a cup) to ensure it doesn't dilute the flavour of the chai.

For a smooth creamy texture, we recommend using soy for Chai Addict & Chai Harder. Bonsoy & Happy Happy Soy Boy are our go to. OurDirty Chai blend pairs well with oat milk, we like Happy Happy Oat Oat Oat. All milk alternatives available for purchase on our website.

Adding at least 2 teaspoons of sweetener will enhance and create a more robust chai flavour. We use coconut sugar as it has a lovely caramel flavour that truly accentuates the flavour of the chai. This is the winning blend we use at our tastings when we attend markets.

If you’re living in the warmer parts of the country, you might like it iced so we recommend using ice cold milk and a liquid sweetener such as maple syrup or agave to easily blend in to the chai & milk.