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Article: Chai Addict's Chai Harder Featured in Frankie Magazine's 20th Anniversary Edition!

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Chai Addict's Chai Harder Featured in Frankie Magazine's 20th Anniversary Edition!

We’re over the moon to share some exciting news with our beloved Chai Addict community! A couple of months ago, we received a delightful email from the team at Frankie Magazine, one of Australia's most prestigious publications. They were gearing up for their 20th Anniversary edition and wanted to feature our very own Chai Harder in their Frankie Bites section. Not only that, but they also wanted to host a giveaway of our 300ml trio pack of liquid chai tea concentrates. We were honoured and thrilled to be included!

High on Chai: Frankie Magazine's Write-Up

The much-anticipated magazine has finally been released, and here’s what Frankie Magazine had to say:



It’s chai season, baby! For time-poor chai enthusiasts, we recommend Chai Harder – a spicy chai concentrate by Melbourne biz Chai Addict ($30 for 500ml, The brew combines ethically sourced spices (including cayenne pepper) with certified organic tea. Just add a shot of the liquid and the sweetener of your choice to steaming hot milk and you’ve got a belly-warming bev in a jiffy. By the way, we’ve got three bottles up for grabs at

Why Chai Harder is a Must-Try

Chai Harder is the perfect choice for chai lovers who crave a bit of a kick. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Spicy and Bold: Our Chai Harder is crafted with a unique blend of ethically sourced spices, including the unexpected twist of cayenne pepper, for an extra spicy kick.
  • Organic Goodness: We use certified organic tea to ensure you get the highest quality chai latte tea concentrate.
  • Improves Digestion: In addition to adding that extra layer of warmth, cayenne pepper also assists breaking down foods as it increases gastric juices and enzyme production in the stomach. No wonder it's our best seller during the winter months!
  • Convenient and Quick: Perfect for those busy mornings, just add a shot of our liquid chai concentrate and your favourite sweetener to steaming hot milk to make the oh-so-perfect chai latte. Your belly-warming beverage is ready in a jiffy!

A Celebration with Frankie Magazine

Being featured in Frankie Magazine's 20th Anniversary edition is a huge honour for us. Frankie has long been a favourite for its creative and quirky content, and to see Chai Addict among their recommended products is a dream come true. This feature is a testament to our commitment to creating the best Melbourne chai and sharing it with enthusiasts everywhere.

Join the Giveaway Fun

To celebrate this exciting feature, Frankie Magazine is hosting a giveaway! Three lucky winners will receive a 300ml trio pack of our beloved chai concentrates. Don’t miss your chance to win and experience the magic of Chai Harder for yourself. Head over to to enter.

Try Chai Harder Today

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of chai, Chai Harder is sure to become a favourite. Its bold, spicy flavour and easy preparation make it a standout choice. Visit to get your hands on a bottle and join the chai revolution.

Thank you, Frankie Magazine, for this incredible feature and for helping us share our love of chai with even more people. Here’s to many more cups of delicious, warming chai latte!