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our original blend – a smooth and perfectly balanced masala blend of sweet cinnamon, earthy cloves, warming ginger and subtle black peppercorn heat makes this the ultimate cup of comfort

Beautifully designed and branded, our delicious chai concentrates are brewed with ethically sourced spices and certified-organic tea. Its concentrated liquid form means you can enjoy cafe-style chai latte in a faster and more convenient way, saving you time for the more important things in life. Our concentrates are also unsweetened and vegan, giving you the power of choice to create a chai latte suited to your own dietary requirements.

ingredients: water, spices and certified organic tea, lemon and pink Himalayan salt

serving size:

300ml – 10 cups

500ml –16 cups


shake the bottle. mix 30ml to 220ml hot or iced milk. sweeten to taste.


sweeten with at least a teaspoon of honey or something similar to enhance the robustness of the spices

use soy or almond milk for a creamy, nutty, texture

for iced chai, use a runny liquid sweetener such as maple syrup or agave to easily mix in to the chai and milk

unsweetened, vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free


9 reviews for chai addict

  1. Kerryn Andreasen (verified owner)

    So much to love about your chai!! Apart from the fact that it’s handcrafted (tick) in Australia (tick) with organic and sustainable Australian ingredients (tick, tick!), it also lifts my morning porridge to a whole new level of warmth and deliciousness!! ♥♥♥

  2. Kim

    My favourite chai ever! I’ve been buying Chai Addict for years now and it still holds up. So easy to prepare and the perfect amount of spice. It makes the most delicious iced chais!

  3. Jessie

    Hands down the best chai on the market – cafe-quality chais every time!! Like a warm hug in a cup 🙂

  4. Charlotte

    Love it! Haven’t tried the harder one yet but this one to fantastic with chilled me for a iced coffee substitute. It’s my afternoon pick me up ☺️

  5. Amazing Bulletproof Chai (verified owner)

    Best chai I’ve ever have. I’ve been making my bulletproof with Chai Addict and it tastes like heaven. Highly recommended.

  6. acalia

    Tastiest chai I’ve ever had (although i have just bought Chai Harder and Dirty Chai to try for the first time so i may find a new fave!), i love that its unsweetened so i can adjust for my liking with a sweetener of my choice
    Plus it’s the easiest one to make. It’s like having those instant ones, but it’s real chai, not that powdered sugar crap

  7. Nikita

    Love this chai! I really appreciate that it doesn’t have sugars and fillers. It’s just an incredible blend of spices that is both healthy and yummy!

  8. Ange

    Perfect balance of spices, prominent flavour profile that held up to the milk and no nasties! Love this chai so much!

  9. Amy Wadsworth (verified owner)

    The best Chai I have ever had. Makes a delicious latte or iced chai, and because it isn’t sweetened I can sweeten it to my liking with honey, as opposed to powdered chai which is like drinking sugar. Love. It.

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