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  • chai addict masala chai tea concentrate bottle

    Chai Addict

    Masala Chai Concentrate

    $25.00 $;30.00
  • sugar free chai, vegan chai

    Chai Harder

    Spicy chai concentrate

    $25.00 $;30.00
  • buy gift box chai concentrate, honey & cup

    Chai Addict x Rooftop Honey

    gift box

    We love how bees work together, their teamwork creates symbiotic relationships resulting in liquid gold honey. Somehow the sum of all the parts add up to so much more than the whole.

    Like the bees, we understand the benefits of collaboration, and so Chai Addict have teamed up with fellow sustainable local producers Melbourne City Rooftop Honey to create a match made in heaven gift. All of this delivered with a beautiful artisan beaker fired in a solar driven kiln, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the local experience.