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Article: What is a Dirty Chai? Discover the Perfect Blend of Coffee and Chai

Person pouring dirty chai latte in to a cup

What is a Dirty Chai? Discover the Perfect Blend of Coffee and Chai

If you love both coffee and chai tea, then a Dirty Chai might just become your new favourite beverage. Combining the robust flavour of espresso with the aromatic spices of chai tea concentrate, a Dirty Chai offers the best of both worlds. But what exactly is a Dirty Chai, and why is it gaining popularity among tea and coffee lovers alike?

The Origins of Dirty Chai

A Dirty Chai is essentially a blend of chai tea and espresso. The drink originated in coffee shops, where baristas started adding a shot of espresso to a traditional chai latte. The result is a bold, spiced drink with a delightful balance of caffeine and flavour. This inventive twist on the classic chai latte quickly gained popularity and has since become a staple in cafes worldwide, including our beloved Melbourne chai culture.

How did we make our own Dirty Chai blend and what makes it special?

So we partnered up with Brunswick-based café and roasting operation, Padre Coffee, who sourced the espresso blend of beans from Brazil and Guatemala to complement our masala chai tea concentrate. Padre provided us with the tools and brewing techniques for optimal flavour.

To make our Dirty Chai concentrate, we cold drip Padre's grounded coffee beans then blend it with our signature premium masala chai tea concentrate. The process of cold brew coffee is important as it provides a more balanced flavour with low acidity.

The intoxicating blend of our Dirty Chai lies in its unique combination of flavours. Here’s what makes it special:

  1. Espresso: Padre's cold brew coffee adds a robust, rich coffee notes of choc-hazelnut with a smooth bitter edge that complements the sweetness and spices of the chai. It provides an extra caffeine kick, making it a perfect choice for those who need a little more energy.

  2. Chai Concentrate: Using our authentic chai concentrate, Chai Addict, ensure a rich, aromatic flavour. Our liquid chai is crafted with high-quality, warming spices and tea that perfectly balances the coffee edge.

  3. Customisable Sweetness: Whether you prefer your chai sweetened or unsweetened, our Dirty Chai liquid concentrate allows you to adjust the sweetness to your liking. This flexibility means you can enjoy a sugar-free chai or add your favourite sweetener for a more indulgent drink.

For those of you who like coffee and chai, this will soon become a firm favourite. It's a powerhouse flavour that's nothing short of sublime

How to Make a Dirty Chai - Option 1

Making a Dirty Chai at home is easy and convenient with our Dirty Chai concentrate. Here’s our quick and easy recipe to get you started:


  • 1 shot or 30ml of Dirty Chai
  • 220ml of milk (dairy or plant-based), just under a cup
  • Sweetener of choice (optional)


Mix chai concentrate, milk and sweetener (if using) to a small pot over medium heat for 3 - 4 minutes to simmering. Serve in a cup and sprinkle with cinnamon.

How to Make a Dirty Chai - Option 2

Don't have our Dirty Chai concentrate? No problem! Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:


  • 1 shot of espresso (or strong coffee)
  • 1 cup of milk (dairy or plant-based)
  • 3 teabags of chai tea
  • Sweetener of choice (optional)


  1. Brew the Espresso: Start by brewing a shot of espresso. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use strong brewed coffee as a substitute.
  2. Heat the Milk: In a small pot, heat the milk with tea bags over medium heat until it’s warm. Remove teabags.
  3. Combine Ingredients: In a cup, add the coffee then pour the warm chai tea milk over the coffee and stir well.
  4. Sweeten to Taste: Add your preferred sweetener if desired. Enjoy your delicious homemade Dirty Chai!


  • 1 shot of espresso (or strong coffee)
  • 1 cup of milk (dairy or plant-based)
  • 1/4 cup of Chai Addict liquid chai concentrate
  • Sweetener of choice (optional)

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

A Dirty Chai offers a unique and satisfying flavour profile that combines the best elements of coffee and chai tea. Whether you’re a coffee lover looking to try something new or a chai enthusiast wanting an extra caffeine boost, a Dirty Chai is the perfect choice. Explore our range of chai tea concentrates and discover why Chai Addict is renowned for creating the finest Melbourne chai experiences. Happy sipping!