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Article: Fluffy Chai Pancakes


Fluffy Chai Pancakes

Pancake any day is a bit of a treat but having pancakes on Pancake Day is extra special! Get your flour, eggs, buttermilk and chai ready and pull your sleeves up coz we be makin' thick, fluffy, spiced pancakes drizzled with chai infused maple syrup.Servings: 12            Prep Time: 10 min            Cook Time: 10 minsINGREDIENTS3 eggs, separated1 ½ c buttermilk½ c reduced chai harder (the ‘art of reduction’ shows you how)¼ c or 60g butter, melted2 ¼ c flour1 tsp salt1 tsp bicarb sodaextra butter or oil for cookingChai Maple Syrup1 ½ c maple syrup½ c reduced chai harderMETHODBatter Up! Separate egg yolks and egg whites in two separate bowls. Lightly whisk egg yolks, then gently whisk in buttermilk, butter and chai. Gently fold in flour, salt and bicarb of soda with the milk mixture.Whisk egg whites to soft peaks. Fold with the batter mixture. It should be quite thick.Melt a small amount of butter to a skillet on medium heat then pour ¼ c of batter. Once the upper side is bubbling, about a minute or two, flip over to cook the other side. Keep in a warm oven until all pancakes are cooked.Make it saucy: Simply mix the maple syrup and chai together, ready for serving.Get in to it: Serve your pancakes with your favourite topping, drizzled with chai maple syrup.NOTES:Don’t have buttermilk? Mix 1 cup milk with 1 tablespoon lemon juice or white vinegar and let sit for 5 mins.Option to add various toppings like berries, nuts or seeds on the upper side of the pancake before flipping over to cook the other side.