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Article: {Sugar free} Choc Hazelnut Chai Latte

2 glass of sugar free Choc hazelnut chai latte with spoons

{Sugar free} Choc Hazelnut Chai Latte

If you just accidentally drooled all over yourself looking at this, it's ok, I did exactly the same. This Sugar Free Choc Hazelnut Chai Latte is another drool-worthy creation from Emma of Better With Cake. One that is too good NOT to share. 

She's the same lady who made the epic Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles, amongst other delicious creations. Check her page out for your next cooking adventure but a word of warning, you will drool over and over so keep those tissues handy.

Here's what she had to say: "It pretty much tastes like your drinking chai while eating spoonfuls of Nutella (pls tell me I’m not the only one who does this?! 🙈) & I am 100% here for it!"

🍫Choc = happiness
✨Chai soothes my soul
🌰Nut butter = the glue that holds my body together!

Put them all together & you get pure magic & that my friend is EXACTLY what we have here! 💫🔮💫

But, this deliciously indulgent choc chai latte also happens to be secretly good for you

No added sugar✅
Rich in magnesium✅
Loaded w/ gut healing goodness✅

It's subtly sweet, seriously chocolaty, perfectly spiced & all kinds of wonderful!🤤

Healthified or not, I can't think of a better way to start, end or fill the day than with a cup of this deliciousness.
You in?! 🙋‍♀️

🍦For the base ;
🌟1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or milk of choice) .
🌟1/2 C vanilla yoghurt (I ❤️ YoPRO ) - or extra milk if you want a hot latte .
🌟1 Tbsp cacao (I love adding 1 Tbsp Naked Harvest Supplements moon mylk its boosted with ashwagandha, magnesium, zinc & L-Tryptophan so its great for calming the nervous system & i need all the help I can get rn
🌟1 Tbsp 99th Monkey choc hazelnut butter - or a few drops of hzlenut stevia .
🌟1 Tbsp Chai Addict chai concentrate
🌟1 sachet Beforeyouspeak coffee (I use mocha - opt but not as magical without
🌟Pch pink salt
☝️ for a sweeter brew 1/4-1 tsp of monk fruit sweetener (or sweetener of choice) to taste

❤️Optional add ins;
✨1 scp protein pwd - I think choc or vanilla work best here - extra protein
✨1/4 C frozen cauliflower - sneaky veg & makes it extra thick - you cant taste, promise!
✨1/4-1/2 a sml avocado healthy fats = life! + super creamy - I ❤️ the cauli & avo if you're doing as a "meal".
✨Melted dark choc swirls your glass - or extra milk if you want a hot latte.
✨1 scp collagen - great for hair, skin, nails & gut healing goodness.
🍫Best served w/ a cheeky shaving of dark choc

🌟Gluten Free🌟Dairy free (if you want)🌟Grain Free🌟Sugar Free🌟Low carb🌟Vegan🌟Keto🌟Paleo🌟