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Article: {Soft baked} Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles

{Soft baked} Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles
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{Soft baked} Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles

If you haven't heard of the personal blog,Better With Cake, you are missing out! Get on to it now and check out all the amazing recipes made by Emma. Your next cooking adventure awaits!I don’t think I really need to say much coz this ? SAYS IT ALL! I'm so grateful that she's a fan of Chai Addict because she's lovingly shared this creation with us. Here's what she had to say about Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles."Cookies + chai = something sweet to soothe your soul, even if just for a moment or two & I think that's something we could all do with right about now.A simple but magical combination of flavours that make my heart (& belly) all kinds of happy!Subtly sweet, perfectly spiced, crispy on the edges & soft & chewy in the middle! ??Made with no refined flours or sugars using a handful of ingredients that I bet you have on hand already but, there is a catch . . .The trick to getting that perfect chewy texture is to chill the dough for 30 mins (or freeze for 15).FYI - made with nut butter & chai means they're totally acceptable to eat for breakfast!Mix em' now, bake em' first thing- in 8-10 mins - you're early morning, ☕️ drinking, ? eating self will thank you.Here's how you do it;?Makes 10-12?1 egg - or flax egg?1/2 c 99th Monkey almond butter?1 tbs maple syrup?1 tbsChai Addict?1 tsp vanilla?1 c almond meal?1/4 c monk fruit sweetener or coconut sugar?1 tsp baking soda?1/2 tsp cinnamon?1 pch salt?1 tbsp unflavoured collagen - opt - doesn’t change the taste or texture but adds a hit of protein + great for hair, skin, nails & gut healing goodness✨Coating?1/2 c monk fruit sweetener?1/2 tsp cinnamon✳️Mix it up✳️Chill for 30 mins- o/night- or freeze for 15❌DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!❌✳️Once chilled - scoop-shape-roll in cinnamon sugar✳️Bake@175'C/ 350'C for 6-8 mins✳️Note - they will be soft✳️Cool for 3-5 mins✳️They will be soft & chewy✳️Devour?Gluten Free?Dairy free?Grain free?Refined sugar free?Low carb?Paleo?Keto?Vegan friendly?From my ❤️ to yours, enjoy xo"You can also follow her on IG@emsswanston