twin pack 500

(7 customer reviews)


choose two of your favourite flavours and have double the fun!

2 x 500ml chai tea concentrate – 2 x chai addict, 2 x chai harder or 2 x dirty chai

combo 1 include 1 chai addict + 1 chai harder

combo 2 include 1 chai harder + 1 dirty chai

combo 3 include 1 dirty chai + 1 chai addict

serving size:

2 x 500ml – 32 cups (16 cups per 500ml bottle)


shake the bottle. mix 30ml to 220ml hot or iced milk. sweeten to taste.

unsweetened, vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free


7 reviews for twin pack 500

  1. Alyce (verified owner)

    Love the Chai Harder! My housemate and I love how easy it is to add to our steamed milk with a dash of honey. Delightfully fragrant, and has a good hit.

  2. Lauren Hayden (verified owner)

    I’m sitting here enjoying my first sip of Chai Harder and my gosh it was worth the wait. It’s delicious!
    Such a smooth blend of all the right spices then that perfect kick of the pepper at the end!

    I’ll be a repeat customer 💜

  3. Melanie (verified owner)

    So happy with our purchase and the super quick delivery. I found it is convenient in the mornings – I mix half chai addict with half soy milk (both cold) in my keep cup and happily sip it throughout the morning. I found the chai harder a bit too spicy, but my partner absolutely loves it and wants me to order more! It’s great because he’s diabetic and it contains close to no sugar!

  4. Mel (verified owner)

    So good!! So glad I found these, I’ve never tasted a chai so delicious! The spicy one is my husband’s fave and the classic is mine. So warming and delightful on a cold evening.

  5. Ben

    I got the twin pack for Christmas and I’m already ordering another set! The chais are scrumptious, and a great addition to porridge, coffee and deserts too. If you want a coffee shop quality chai at home with no fuss, I highly recommend this product.

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