dirty chai latte

Introducing, the new kid on the block, Chai Addict’s Dirty Chai concentrate. We blended the O.G. of chai concentrates with Padre’s Lucky Boy espresso beans to bring some zing in to your life. Best served hot with oat milk and hold the sugar! Expect this power couple’s flavour profiles to exude choc-hazelnut notes, soothed with sweet, warming and aromatic chai spices.

Available on it’s own, as a twin or part of a gift pack, you can start shopping for these beauties online.

We also collaborated with long time friend to create artwork for the label that showcased art by a Melbourne artist. Billie Morris took the idea like a pro and the result is nothing short of beautiful. It celebrates diversity, strength and femininity, a pyramid of power. Warm tones and elegant lines compliment the flavour profiles. A powerhouse of flavour that will soon became a firm favourite.