chai & honey at cafe

How much sweetener should you use?

Chai & Honey = ❤️

But how much sweetener should you use? See our recommendations below.

Our range of chai concentrates are famous for being unsweetened. Unlike other chai brands, there are no added sugars, sweeteners OR artificial sugars. It’s quintessentially au naturale 🌱.

Aside from honey, Chai Addict pairs deliciously with many types of sweeteners like maple syrup & agave, coconut or panela sugar, stevia or old fashioned sugar. The sweeter you make the chai, the more flavoursome it gets. We know, it’s quite unfortunate but that’s why we left it out of the ingredients list so you can CHOOSE how much to add. Make sure to follow the bottle instructions and whatever you do, don’t add more chai to cut through the milk. The flavour is there, you just need to make it a bit sweeter to suit your palate.

Below is a list of our tried and tested recommendations:

Sweet Tooth: if you naturally have a sweet tooth, add 3 – 4 teaspoons of sweetener. This will give you a similar flavour to a powdered or syrup chai.

Cutting Down: need to limit the sugar intake? great, add 1 – 2 teaspoons. This will give you a similar flavour to a sticky chai ☕️

Hard Core: learning to quit ⛔️sugar? Wicked! Add half a teaspoon or none at all.

This is the beauty about Chai Addict, it’s really up to YOU.