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Article: We're in this together


We're in this together

In wake of the current global crisis, there's tension, uncertainty and tough times ahead for our livelihoods, but we're confident we will get through and survive the challenges together. Our heart goes out to the population affected, directly or indirectly.On the business front, it's business as usual for Chai Addict. Despite market cancellations, you can continue to access our products online and have it delivered straight to your door. We have a good amount of stockpile to last us through winter #winning. Our stockists and cafes are also fully stocked and ready to give you the addictive hit you need.On top of that, we have have partnered up with some of our favourite foodie brands in support of local businesses. Some great deals hitting your emails soon so stay tuned. To get you started, scroll down to see the deal we have with Handmade Virtual Market.In the meantime, be kind, keep calm, stay safe. We'll get through this.