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Article: Chai Addict's beer collaboration with Mountain Goat and Garage Project

image logo horn please, two bottles of horn please beer and an ice cold glass of chai stout beer

Chai Addict's beer collaboration with Mountain Goat and Garage Project

Brewed with Garage Project and Chai Addict, this beer is a magic bus ride to planet flavour. Hop aboard!

The idea for this collaboration came from a chat between our brewer Alana Rees and Garage Project’s Pete Gillespie during Good Beer Week 2017. After nearly two years of trying to get everyone together, this beer was never going to be done by halves. Following much deliberation we landed on a chai-infused imperial milk stout, with habanero and home-grown ghost chilies thrown in for an extra kick.

The smooth, velvety stout provides the perfect base for Chai Addict’s Masala Chai concentrate, which provides delicious layers of spice that blend into a pleasant prickly heat on the finish from the chilies.


Deep ebony with mahogany highlights.


Cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. Hints of roast coffee and dark chocolate.


Upfront chocolate and malt flavours with honeyed sweetness on mid-palate. Mild, prickly heat on the finish.


Chai Addict Masala Chai, Habanero Chili, Ghost Chili and Lactose.


Chai Addict was invited by Garage Project and Mountain Goat to create a rare breed of beer. This video captures the brew day at Mountain Goat Brewery where the star beer was born.


Launched in time for Melbourne's Good Beer Week, Horn Please Chili Chai Imperial Stout was revealed on 12 May 2019 at Mountain Goat Brewery. Check out the launch here.