(not so spicy) 300ml chai harder

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our not so spicy blend – this is our chai harder blend with a third of the usual cayenne pepper we usually make it with. pssst, someone was half asleep at the time of  brewing *ahem* 😬. a good starting point for anyone who wants to transition from Chai Addict to Chai Harder, this one hits right in the middle with a warming mouth feel.

still very delicious and with only 80 available at half the price of $12.50, this won’t last long.

ingredients: water, spices and certified organic tea, cayenne pepper, lemon and pink Himalayan salt

serving size: 30ml per serve

servings per bottle: 300ml – 10 cups, 500ml -16 cups

nutrition per serving: energy 11.4kj, protein 0.1g, fat total 0.0g, carbohydrate 0.5g, sugars 0.1g, sodium 51.1mg

directions: shake the bottle. mix 30ml to 220ml hot or iced milk. sweeten to taste.


sweeten with at least a teaspoon of honey or something similar to enhance the robustness of the spices

use soy or almond milk for a creamy, nutty, texture

for iced chai, use a runny liquid sweetener such as maple syrup or agave to easily mix in to the chai and milk

unsweetened, vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free


3 reviews for (not so spicy) 300ml chai harder

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    Serendipity! I usually mix the Chai Harder with the normal blend for my preferred level of spice – so I was very happy to learn of this fortunate accident 🙂 Perfection.

  2. claire (verified owner)

    nice compliment to a protein smoothie

  3. Katrina Bell (verified owner)

    Yuuuuummmmm. Always amazing. I love to mix this with my take out coffee in the morning to make my own dirty chai and it’s just the right kick to start the day.

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