What are the differences in flavour profiles?

Chai Addict is our signature masala chai concentrate, a fan favourite. It’s a smooth and perfectly balanced masala blend of sweet cinnamon, earthy cloves, warming ginger and has a subtle black peppercorn heat.

Chai Harder is our spicy blend and a favourite during the colder months. It uses Chai Addict as the base and mixed it with cayenne pepper for an extra hit. It emits a warming prickly heat at the back of the palate which is always a nice surprise.  It’s on the medium scale of heat.

Dirty Chai is our coffee chai blend and popular for those who love chai and coffee together.  it’s a powerhouse of choc-hazelnut coffee notes soothed with chai’s sweet, warming and aromatic spices

How do I make a chai latte?

Firstly, shake the bottle. It blends the sediment that have settled at the bottom and releases delicious chai aromas. Measure out 30ml of chai to 220ml of hot or iced milk then sweeten it to taste.

We recommend sweetening it with at least a teaspoon of honey or something similar to accentuate the flavour of the chai. We also like using soy milk for its creaminess – Happy Happy Soy Boy is a great one to use – but it works well with other milks.

For iced chai, use a runny liquid sweetener such as honey, maple syrup or agave to easily mix in to the chai and milk.

Here’s our recipe to make the most Addictive Chai Latte or if you’re more visually inclined, check this out.

Does your chai contain sugar?

Our chai concentrate is unsweetened. We decided forego the sugar in our ingredients so that you have the option to add as much or as little as you like with any sweetener of your choice.

How much sugar should I add?

The sweeter you make the chai, the more flavoursome and robust it becomes. Removing sugar from the ingredients list means you can choose the type of sugar and how much to add, if any at all. We don’t  recommend adding more chai to cut through the milk. The flavour is there, it just needs a little sweetness.

Choose one of the 3 flavour profiles and our recommendations:

Sweet Tooth: If you naturally have a sweet tooth, add 3 – 4 teaspoons of sweetener. This will give you a similar flavour to a powdered or syrup chai.

Cutting down: Need to limit the sugar intake? Great, add 1 – 2 teaspoons. This will give you a similar flavour to a sticky chai.

Hard Core: Learning to quit sugar? Wicked! Add half a teaspoon or none at all. That’s the beauty about Chai Addict, it’s really up to YOU.

What types of sugar do you recommend?

We like to use coconut sugar as it has a lovely caramel flavour that bonds quite well with Chai Addict. Honey, maple syrup and panela are also our go to.

What milk do you recommend?

You can use dairy or plant based milks that works to your palate. But we really like it with a creamy soy milk like Happy Happy Soy Boy or oat milk like Minor Figures Oat Milk.

I followed the instructions but my chai taste weak. What should I do?

We recommend measuring out the ingredients exactly to avoid diluting the flavour – i.e 30ml of chai concentrate to 220ml of milk to make a cup. If you’re moving from a syrup or powdered type chai which contains about 3-4 teaspoons of sugar, you’ll need to add about the same amount of sugar to get the same flavour. As you get familiar with Chai Addict, reduce the sugar content a teaspoon at a time. Eventually, you can have the chai without any sugar at all, if that is your goal.

Is your product vegan friendly?

Yes. Our concentrates contain water, spices and certified organic tea.

Does your product contain caffeine?

Chai Addict & Chai Harder have minimal caffeine content which comes directly from organic black ceylon tea. Dirty Chai is been blended with cold brew espresso coffee and have a much higher caffeine concentration, but less than a cup of coffee.

Where can I purchase your product?

Check out all of our Stockist or find us at your nearest market here.

How do I store my chai?

Our chai have a two year shelf life. Once opened, pop it in the fridge and use it within six months.

What makes Chai Addict different to others?

There are several options available in the chai market but the 3 most popular are powder, syrups and sticky chai.

The powder variety is generally made up of spices and milk powder. An easy, convenient option like hot chocolate without the brewing time. Chai syrups are very similar. Unfortunately, unlike Chai Addict, they are also full of preservatives and heavily sweetened with sugar.

The “wet chai” variety is a mixture of raw spices and tea that have been sweetened with natural sugars like honey, lending to its stickiness. Brewing times may take up to 5 minutes are required to maintain consistent flavours. A little less convenient but a more traditional way of making chai.

Chai Addict (and its siblings, Chai Harder & Dirty Chai) have already been brewed for you using only water, spices and certified organic tea. We have made the process simpler by removing the brew time. To top it off, it’s an unsweetened, preservative free liquid concentrate. Infusing 30ml of chai concentrate, to 220ml of hot or cold milk enables the you to enjoy the authentic taste of premium chai, in a faster and more convenient way than traditional chai blends. And because the concentrate is unsweetened, you have the choice to add as much, or as little sweetener to your own personal taste.

How do you make your iced chai tasters at the market?

If you’d like to emulate the flavour of iced chai we make at the markets, make sure to use Happy Happy Soy Boy and sweeten with coconut sugar. We make our coconut sugar to a syrup first so it blends easily for iced chai.

How many servings in the bottles?

10 servings for 300ml and 16 for 500ml. Serving size is 250ml or a cup.

How much does shipping cost?

Head to Shipping & Returns for more info.


I’m a cafe and want to get steaming with your chai. How do I contact you for wholesale?

Head over to our Wholesale page. Pop in some details and we’ll get back to you asap.

I think we could work together on something brilliant. How do I get in touch to tell you my winning idea?

Sweet! We always love a good collab. Drop us an email at grandmasterchai@chaiaddict.com.au.

We’re chai addicts! We’d love to stock your product in our store. How do I become a stockist?

Awesome! Head over to Wholesale. Pop in some details and we’ll get back to you asap.

We want to make a chai cocktail at our bar. How can we get our hands your blend?

Happy to send you guys some samples. Hop on over to Wholesale. Pop in some details and we’ll get back to you asap.