Chai Infused Cassava Cake 🇵🇭

welcome to my childhood! i made this exactly as mum makes it – straight in to the baking dish and mixing the ingredients together, saving you on unnecessary washing up 👌

this cassava cake is ubiquitous in the Philippines and every one and every province has a different recipe that’s been passed down for generations. it has a texture and flavour reminiscent to coconut sticky rice and the addition of chai spices bring in the element of comfort.

super easy, super sweet and but oh so satisfying, this sticky morsel of goodness is thoroughly enjoyed as a morning or afternoon snack, at parties and family gatherings.

say goodbye to your diets guys! this is to be enjoyed free of guilt. I hope you enjoy this recipe from mother country as much as I do.

view this in a fun video via instagram 😆

500g grated cassava
1 egg, or flax egg
1/2 c sugar of choice
60 – 90ml chai concentrate
1 can coconut milk
handful of grated cheese,
1/2 can condensed milk, or coconut condensed milk

preheat oven to 175C.
mix all ingredients in a baking tray until well combined.
bake in oven for 50 – 55 mins.
pull it out of the oven and pour a thin layer of condensed milk until covered.
pop it back in to the oven for 10 – 15 minutes or until the top bubbles and caramelises.
slice, serve and enjoy 😊

you can get grated cassava from your local Asian grocery store in the freezer section. for a vegan version, sub with flax egg, use coconut condensed milk available at Coles and leave out the cheese. the coconut condensed milk won’t caramelise so it will look quite pale but tastes just as delicious.