INTRODUCING SPICETUB Welcome to our 11th ed. of Support Small Business Series 🎉! For those of you new to the newsletter, #SSBS is where I partner up with a foodie brand that I love and support, purchase their product and give it to you as a FREE GIFT when you make an online purchase. For […]

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apple crumble spicetub

WOW! We are on edition 7 of the Support Small Business Series. I am forever grateful to you guys, my amazing community, for backing my business and the new businesses I’ve introduced you to during this pandemic. Without further ado, lemme hear ya say “HELL YEAH” to DIY Raw Ball Mix! 🙌 WOOT WOOT 🙌 […]

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raw by rochelle ball jar mix

You cleaned us out on the 5th ed. of our Support Small Business Series and I hope you’ll do the same for our 6th ed. This time I’m keeping it super local and super small with this home-based business, Sprinkles Spiced and Everything Iced 🎂. I mean come on, you gotta love the name! Kristy […]

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ssbs cookies

On this 5th edition of Support Small Business Series, we found the perfect healthy snack to accompany your chai. PB anyone? Yup, I’m absolutely obsessed. Our next foodie partner has our wellness at heart. The founder of this product has been seen on Shark Tank, is an avid speaker for small business and wellness events, […]

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koja bar peanut caramel

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! You guys are really getting behind our Support Small Business Series and I love you for it! Thank you! If you’re new to this newsletter and want to know what #SSBS initiative is all about, head on over here. I’m excited to introduce you to our next partner […]

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misty's original salted caramel

Can I just say how grateful I am to ALL OF YOU who got behind the Support Small Business initiative. The overwhelming response and feedback I received in the past couple weeks for the gift included in your order have been incredible and I can’t help but feel humbled and thankful. Your contribution to the […]

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salted caramel popcorn bag

Small businesses within my circle are doing it tough. They’ve put their passion, time, talent, money and made countless sacrifices building something they love from the ground up. More than ever, it’s important for us to be supporting each other. That’s why I’m levelling up. As part of the Support Small Business Series, I’ve partnered […]

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kakadu plum co chocolate