the 5 Cs  🥥✨ do you like the way I added some voice overs in with the original audio? 😆 I’m still learning and having a blast doing it! this warming mid-week chai spiced curry…

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Creamy Coconut Chickpea Chai Curry

I’m blown away by all this creative cooking! Recipe creator @balancebyelise has created this sophisticated single serve, fudgey lava cake in time for Easter ☺️ Just like PB&J or Choc-Peanut Butter, Choc-Chai is a winning flavour…

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Choc chai lava cake

This super moist one bowl Chai Banana Bread is another delicious creation by one of our users Laura of @_abalancedlife. Make sure to check out her delicious recipes available on her instagram page. I also…

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one bowl chai banana bread

Can we please just appreciate this much awaited recipe lovingly created by @balancebyelise 🤤 Elise is a certified Health & Nutrition coach so you can be sure this recipe has been made with your health…

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chai donuts

Simple, yet moist banana bread you need to be baking on the reg. VEGAN, DF, GF & RSF INGREDIENTS 1 c mashed bananas 1/4 c olive oil 1/4 c maple syrup 1/2 c chai addict…

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chai banana bread

Enrich your life with the 4 C’s –  Chai Coco Crunch Cookies! Crunchy and flavoursome, these cookies are perfect on the go, healthy snacking or hey, why not yummy treat 😉 INGREDIENTS 2 eggs 1/4…

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chai coco crunch cookies

what better way to enjoy a hard day’s work, school or uni than with a healthy filling of chai protein balls 🍲🍨 guilt free snack done right, our friend @bellarinefoodie made this delicious recipe just…

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chai infused protein balls

It might be too cold for a smoothie in Melbourne during winter but for our neighbouring counterparts, smoothies are an every day breakfast staple. QLD based foodblogger @enrichnutrition has smoothies on the reg. She’s been…

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banana chai smoothie