I am so in love with this recipe adapted from @carolinegroth 🙏. If you’re a fan of seedy bread, this is for you!                     In this…

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Seedy Chai Addict Loaf

Have you ever seen a chai apple crumble cake look this good? 😍 And if you’re lucky enough to have a Thermomix, this recipe is for you! But if you don’t, we also have the…

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chai apple crumble cake

You gotta try this chai Weetbix bake STAT! Check out that goodness! 👀 No seriously, look at it! 🤤 It’s an easy breakfast you can whip up in minutes. This is an adapted recipe by…

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chai weetbix bake

If you just accidentally drooled all over yourself looking at this, it’s ok, I did exactly the same 🙊. This is another drool-worthy creation from Emma of Better With Cake. One that is too good NOT to…

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sugar free choc hazelnut smoothie

If you haven’t heard of the personal blog, Better With Cake, you are missing out! Get on to it now and check out all the amazing recipes made by Emma. Your next cooking adventure awaits!…

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chai spiced snickerdoodles

Wow, we can’t believe this photo was taken 4.5 years ago at our very first photo shoot for Chai Addict. It’s also the very first recipe we ever made with Chai Addict so this holds…

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chai spiced granola

WOW! If it’s healthy comfort cakes you’re seeking, LOOK NO FURTHER! I am so impressed with this creation! Just take this drool-worthy *slurp* Dirty Chai Raw Choc Cake 🤤 I can’t deal! Personally, I can’t…

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Spiced Raw Choc Cake

She’s done it again! @balancebyelise has created the classic muffin and amped it up a notch. And to top it off, adding some hidden veg in this delisssh snack 👌🏼 Here’s what she had to say….

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Pumpkin Banana Chai Muffins