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You gotta try this chai Weetbix bake STAT!Check out that goodness! ? No seriously, look at it! ? It’s an easy breakfast you can whip up in minutes.This is an adapted recipe by our friend Elise of@balancebyelise. I recommend adding more liquids for extra gooeyness but feel free to reduce to get your desired consistency. I highly recommend you watch thisreeljust to see how perfectly gooey it is! Serves 1 and best washed down with chai tea ☕️.INGREDIENTS2 weetbix, lightly crushed1 tbs protein powder of choice1 tbs maca powder1 tbsp flax-meal1/2 tsp baking powderpinch of salt60 - 90ml chai harder for extra warmth, or other blendsboiling water60ml plant milk, or less if you want a thicker consistencyoptional toppings: raspberries, white choc chips & nuts of choiceMETHOD1. Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl, add chai, then pour over boiling water - just enough to cover.2. Mix everything together, mashing the weetbix up as you go. You want to achieve a THICK porridge consistency, so add more boiling water as needed.3. Add milk for extra creaminess. Transfer into a greased ramekin and top with toppings of choice.4. Place in the airfryer* to bake at 180 for 12 - 15 minutes.*you can also bake these in the oven - bake at 180C for 20-25 minutes.Devour and enjoy!