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Steaming cup of aromatic chai latte served in a ceramic mug, garnished with cinnamon sticks and star anise, resting on a rustic white metal tray




  • 30 mls Chai Addict, Chai Harder or Dirty Chai
  • 220 mls choice of milk
  • 2 tsp sweetener, coconut sugar highly recommended
  • To Serve: cinnamon
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two cups of chai latte brewed by chai addict

How to Make the Most Addictive Chai Latte

Mix chai concentrate, milk and sweetener to a small pot over medium heat for 3 - 4 minutes to simmering. Serve in a cup and sprinkle with cinnamon.

A clear glass tower of Dirty Chai tiramisu by Chai Addict

Dirty Chai Tiramisu

Layer It: Mix Dirty Chai and water together in a bowl. Dip biscuits in liquid chai, place two in each base of 8 serving glasses, cover each with cream and repeat until the glass is full. Refrigerat...

a cup of the quickest masala chai tea with apple slices

Quickest Masala Chai Tea

Enjoy the premium flavour of our chai tea concentrates with the quickest masala chai tea. Just add hot water for your convenience.

chai harder spice poached pears on a plate served with iced chai latte

Chai Harder Spice Poached Pears

SERVINGS PREP TIME COOK TIME 4 20 min 60 min   INGREDIENTS 3 cups water ¾ cup maple syrup 1 cup Chai Harder chai concentrate 1 cinnamon quill 3 cardamom pods, crushed 4 firm pears, peeled ...

bowl of chai addict granola served with mascarpone

Chai Addict Granola

A customisable Chai Addict Granola full of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and a whole lot of comfort.

Hit Me Baby One More Chai Espresso Martini on a black backdrop

Hit Me Baby One More Chai Espresso Martini

A fun twist on the much loved espresso martini using our best-selling, award-winning Chai Addict masala chai concentrate.

a ball glass of Nighty Night Chai Old Fashioned with a lemon twist

Nighty Night Chai Old Fashioned

A chai twist on the old fashioned cocktail. Nighty Night Chai is flavoured with our range of concentrates for the budding mixologist.

large serving of chai creme brulee tucked in with two serving spoons

Chai Creme Brulee

You can't go wrong with this luscious chai creme brulee with a crunchy sugar snap shell. Get the recipe!

Slices of Choc-Chai Orange Fantasy Cake with shaved orange zest

Choc-Chai Orange Fantasy Cake

Three layers of chai goodness. Our Choc-Chai Orange Fantasy Cake is reminiscent of the Jaffa, a round chocolate encased in an orange candy shell. Get the recipe now!

Founder Recipes

slices of no knead chai and date bread

No Knead Chai & Date Bread

In this version, I replaced the water with chai concentrate to allow my body to enjoy a little extra spice 😄 The addition of dates adds a hit of natural sweetness. Raisins and dried apricots are al...

slices of seedy chai addict loaf with butter

Seedy Chai Addict Loaf

In this gluten-free, healthy, dairy free and Seedy Chai Addict Loaf recipe, I used our original chai tea concentrate, for a savoury vibe. Your house will smell so delicious you’re going to want to ...

bowl of chai infused weetbix bake with white chocolate drops

Chai Infused Weetbix Bake

Extra gooey Chai Infused Weetbix Bake will be your next favourite breakfast addiction. You're welcome.

chai addict spiced granola in a bowl with yoghurt

Chai Addict Spiced Granola

This Chai Addict Spiced Granola recipe holds a special place in our heart as the very first recipe we made with Chai Addict. Nutty, crunchy, wholesome and delicious.

Chai Infused Filipino Cassava Cake

Chai Infused Filipino Cassava Cake

Welcome to my childhood! I made this super soft and creamy Chai Infused Filipino Cassava Cake exactly as mum makes it - straight in to the baking dish, mixing the ingredients together, saving on un...


Creamy Coconut Chickpea Chai Curry

The 5 Cs - Creamy Coconut Chickpea Chai Curry, a warming mid-week chai spiced curry that you need especially with colder weather creeping up on us.

large loaf of one bowl chai banana bread

One Bowl Chai Banana Bread

A super moist one bowl chai banana bread.

Glass tumbler filled with milk, topped with Dirty Chai Dalgona

Dirty Chai Dalgona

This Dirty Chai Dalgona is so sublime that we had to share our recipe with you. You'll need only 3 ingredients and some gusto! 

a beautiful board full of chai addict spiced pancakes, fruit, yoghurt and chai infused maple syrup

Chai Addict Spiced Pancake Recipe

These Chai Addict Spiced Pancakes are perfect for any day, especially on Pancake Day. Enjoy a stack of chai-infused goodness that’s not only delicious but also healthy. Whether you're a seasoned ch...

Community recipes

Peanut Butter Chai Protein Balls

Peanut Butter Chai Protein Balls

A very easy, very healthy and tasty post workout or afternoon snack! These Peanut Butter Chai Protein Balls cover it all.

cup of chai, bowl of chai baked oats and a bottle of chai addict

Chai Baked Oats with Chai Syrup

Recipe & Photo by:@nutrition_byamy"It’s no surprise that I love chai. It is everything I love about spices and the health benefits are wild. Unfortunately, not all chai is created equal so I al...

a rameking of Self-Saucing Dirty Chai Chocolate Mug Cake with a bottle of dirty chai concentrate

Self-Saucing Dirty Chai Chocolate Mug Cake

We can honestly say that this epic self-saucing Dirty Chai Chocolate Mug Cake is one of my fave not only because it's delicious, but it also literally takes 30 seconds!

four Chai Addict Cookie Sandwiches next to a bottle of chai concentrate

Chai Addict Cookie Sandwiches

Need we say more! Who doesn’t love soft, smooth and gooey cookie sandwiches with a chai addict concentrate twist? 

slices off chai apple crumble cake

Chai Apple Crumble Cake

Have you ever seen a Chai Apple Crumble Cake look this good? And if you're lucky enough to have a Thermomix, this recipe is for you! But if you don't, we also have the traditional method available....

2 glass of sugar free Choc hazelnut chai latte with spoons

{Sugar free} Choc Hazelnut Chai Latte

If you just accidentally drooled all over yourself looking at this, it's ok, I did exactly the same. This Sugar Free Choc Hazelnut Chai Latte is another drool-worthy creation from Emma of Better Wi...

a stack of {Soft baked} Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles

{Soft baked} Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles

If you haven't heard of the personal blog, Better With Cake, you are missing out! I'm so grateful that she's a fan of Chai Addict because she's lovingly shared this creation with us. Here's what sh...

Raw Chocolate Dirty Chai Cake with chocolate swirls


If it’s healthy comfort cakes you’re seeking, LOOK NO FURTHER! I am so impressed with this recipe creation! Just take a look at this drool-worthy *slurp* Dirty Chai Raw Choc Cake.

three Pumpkin Banana Chai Muffins

Pumpkin Banana Chai Muffins

Our community contributor has created the classic muffin and amped it up a notch with our chai concentrates. Pumpkin Banana Chai Muffins anyone? Soft and plump, this will become a weekly staple.


Person holding Chai Addict's Dirty Chai concentrate

A chat with Padre Coffee

Our Dirty Chai collaboration with Padre Coffee

small jar melbourne rooftop honey

Chai & Honey = Chai Latte Love

It's no secret that Chai Addict is a massive fan of the team behind Melbourne City Rooftop Honey and the amazing work they do in bringing bees back to the city.

image logo horn please, two bottles of horn please beer and an ice cold glass of chai stout beer

Chai Addict's beer collaboration with Mountain Goat and Garage Project

Brewed with Garage Project and Mountain Goat, this beer is a magic bus ride to planet flavour. Hop aboard our Horn Please Chili Chai Imperial Stout!

Support Small Business Initiative

Poppysmack Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Support Small Business 13th ed.

  ~ INTRODUCING POPPY SMACK ~✨the deal: SPEND $70 AND GET 1 X VIETNAMESE DIPPING SAUCE ✨welcome to our 13th ed. of Support Small Business Series🎉! this time, we’ve partnered up with Award Winning ...

Support Small Business Series 11th ed.

Support Small Business Series 11th ed.

INTRODUCING SPICETUB Welcome to our 11th ed. of Support Small Business Series 🎉! For those of you new to our promo, #SSBS is where I partner up with a foodie brand that I love and support, purchase...

SSBS 7th ed.

SSBS 7th ed.

WOW! we are on edition 7 of the Support Small Business Series 💃. I am forever grateful to you guys, my amazing community, for backing my business and the new businesses i’ve introduced you to durin...

SSBS 6th ed.

SSBS 6th ed.

You cleaned us out on the 5th ed. of our Support Small Business Series and I hope you'll do the same for our 6th ed. This time I'm keeping it super local and super small with this home-based busine...

Support Small Business Series 5th ed.

Support Small Business Series 5th ed.

On this 5th edition of Support Small Business Series, we found the perfect healthy snack to accompany your chai. PB anyone? Yup, I’m absolutely obsessed.Our next foodie partner has our wellness at ...

Support Small Business Series 4th ed.

Support Small Business Series 4th ed.

The Support Small Business Series is still kicking on. Your support for this initiative has really shone a light in small, locally owned businesses. You guys rock! ? With winter at our doorstep, of...

Misty's Salted Caramel

Support Small Business Series 3rd ed

| a free gift of caramel sauce |are you drooling yet? i’m excited to introduce you to our next partner in the 3rd edition of Support Small Business Series where I give you a FREE GIFT. @mistyssalte...

Support Small Business Series 2nd ed.

Support Small Business Series 2nd ed.

Can I just say how grateful I am to ALL OF YOU who got behind the Support Small Business initiative. The overwhelming response and feedback I received in the past couple weeks for the gift included...

Support Small Business Series

Support Small Business Series

Small businesses within my circle are doing it tough. They've put their passion, time, talent, money and made countless sacrifices building something they love from the ground up. More than ever, i...


Person pouring dirty chai latte in to a cup

What is a Dirty Chai? Discover the Perfect Blend of Coffee and Chai

A Dirty Chai is essentially a blend of chai tea and espresso. The drink originated in coffee shops, where baristas started adding a shot of espresso to a traditional chai latte. The result is a bol...

black chai tea with a slice of apply and cinnamon stick

Chai Tea vs Chai Latte: Understanding the Difference and Which to Choose

For lovers of spiced tea beverages, the terms "chai tea" and "chai latte" are often used interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences between the two. At Chai Addict, we’re passionate ...

chai spices on a marble bench top next to bottle of chai harder and chai addict liquid chai tea concentrate

Discover the Health Benefits of Chai: Why Chai Tea is Good for You

Chai tea, known for its rich and aromatic blend of spices and black tea, is more than just a delicious beverage. At Chai Addict, we believe in the power of authentic chai tea concentrate to not on...

person pouring liquid chai tea concentrate to a cup of plant milk

What is Chai Tea?

Chai tea, often referred to simply as "chai," is a beloved beverage that has captivated tea enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from India, chai is a delightful blend of black tea and a mixture of a...

barista serving a side of honey to be served with chai addict chai latte

How to Choose the Right Amount of Sweetener for Your Chai?

Aside from honey, Chai Addict pairs deliciously with many types of sweeteners like maple syrup, agave, coconut or panela sugar, stevia, or old-fashioned sugar. 

A range of two litre chai concentrates in a melbourne cafe

Barista Approved chai latte

Working from home doesn't mean you have to miss out on barista approved chai latte If you're currently working from home, you're probably going through withdrawals from missing your daily chai latt...

beautiful cup of chai addict chai latte served on a ceramic saucer

The Ultimate Guide to Making an Addictive Chai Latte at Home

No doubt you're all pros at brewing chai, but we thought we'd give a little refresher for newcomers and veterans alike on how to make the most addictive chai latte at home. If you are a long-stand...

Opened 500ml bottle of dirty chai concentrate


A powerhouse of dirty chai latte flavour will soon became a firm favourite. We promise! 

pot filled with milk and dirty chai tea concentrate to make a dirty chai latte

Dirty Chai Pre-Orders

Our Dirty Chai is a blend of cold brew coffee and authentic chai concentrate, resulting in a chai latte experience like no other. The rich coffee notes from the espresso blend perfectly balance wit...