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Article: Rooftop Honey

Rooftop Honey

Rooftop Honey

It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of the team behindMelbourne City RooftopHoneyand the amazing work they do in bringing bees back to the city. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to get involved, not only because chai and honey go so well together, but also to raise awareness of the importance of bees and sustainability. By placing hives on the roof spaces of cafes, restaurants, hotels and individual garden’s, in and around Melbourne, Rooftop Honey have reduced the distance from production to plate to mere metres.It’s been almost 4 years since I collaborated with Rooftop Honey, creating theultimatechaiaddict setcomplete with honey and an artisan cup as the perfect gift. To continue my support for this small business and their cause, you can now add this 110g glass jar of honey produced right in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Flinders St, 3000. I recommend adding a teaspoon of honey per cup of chai latte.Add it to your carthere.