Pancake any day is a bit of a treat but having pancakes on Pancake Day makes it extra special! Tradition says we need to use up flour, eggs and milk to create the thickest, fluffiest pancakes. But we’re doing it a little different here at HQ with a version free of dairy or eggs that’s […]

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flatlay of pancakes and condiments of berries, banana, strawberries, cacao nibs vertical

You may have heard the term ‘reduction’ in every cooking show you’ve ever watched or read, from Network Ten’s MasterChef to renowned Australian cook, Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion book. Simply put, it’s the process of simmering liquids to concentrate flavour, colour and aroma. Sounds easy enough but it’s actually a little more complicated than […]

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chai addict & harder bottles against the wall next to a bottle of reduced chai concentrate

Brewed with Garage Project and Chai Addict, this beer is a magic bus ride to planet flavour. Hop aboard! The idea for this collaboration came from a chat between our brewer Alana Rees and Garage Project’s Pete Gillespie during Good Beer Week 2017. After nearly two years of trying to get everyone together, this beer […]

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