About Us

Hey guys! It’s me, Chloe, your resident Chai Addict Taste Master.

Like most locals, I enjoyed Melbourne’s ingrained coffee culture – where else can you have a truly amazing cup made by incredible baristas in every corner? But I admit I was never truly a coffee drinker – don’t judge me! I loved the smell, the flavour and the social aspects of coffee (I still do) but I was happy to forego the caffeine jitters, heart palpitations, wide eyes and sleepless nights. So I kicked that over caffeinated habit and started replacing it with delicious warming cups of chai. But it had its setbacks – flavour inconsistencies, sickly-sweet varieties, and if you get a chance to make it at home, who’s got time clean up the mess?

My goal was simple. Create a chai that was consistent, convenient, efficient, healthy and sustainable. After some time in the kitchen, I finally made a fragrant, flavourful and comforting chai that transports the sipper to nostalgic memories of delicious puddings and Christmas’ of a bygone era.

founder drinking chai and reading magazine

Launching Chai Addict in December 2016, catapulted me in to a new journey. Four years in, thousands of litres brewed, bottled and sold, Chai Addict has expanded it’s reach and maintained a strong presence at boutique markets, sustainable living and design fairs locally and interstate. You may have seen us at your favourite stockist, gifting service or encountered it’s deliciousness at your local cafe.

By far the most rewarding part of having Chai Addict as a business, is meeting my addicted fans and hearing their glowing feedback. It’s seeing my customers eyes light up, releasing an audible satisfaction at the very taste of Chai Addict, that is truly priceless. It gives me the fuzzies, the warmth in my heart, like big hug-in-a-mug of chai. I really hope, it gives you the very same feels.